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Sit Up Straight

Futureproof Your Body Against Chronic Pain with 12 Simple Movements
By Vinh Pham and Jeff O’Connell

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Futureproof your body and relieve chronic pain resulting from sitting, slouching, and other bad lifestyle habits with this easy-to-perform set of daily stretching and exercise routines—from an innovative physical therapist and social media star who coaches dozens of celebrity clients.

What if we could easily acquire long-lasting protection for our bodies and escape the chronic pain caused by our sit-all-the-time, slouch-too-much lifestyles?

Vinh Pham is a world-class physical therapist—a member of a new breed that dissects how people really move. He has worked with a broad range of clients, from Olympians to NBA stars to MMA fighters to Golden Globe and Grammy Award–winning artists. Early in his career, he discovered a disappointing truth: most of his patients came to him already in pain. They had poor, deeply ingrained lifestyle habits that misaligned their joints and tightened their muscles. And the recent epidemic of prolonged sitting—which represents an all-day assault on the body— has only made things worse. If you’re sitting for more than thirty minutes at a time without getting up, you may be heading toward a world of hurt.

Vinh’s answer to the host of muscle maladies that ails us has been a revolutionary concept: why not futureproof? Instead of reacting to chronic pain after it flares up, what if we focused on a “movement discipline” that not only prevents injuries but leads to longer lives, healthier bodies, and a clearer mind?

Sit Up Straight outlines a process that starts with a daily posture hygiene regimen. Performed correctly, Vinh’s “Big Ten” exercises, which can be completed in twenty minutes, will lock in protection for the rest of the day. But Vinh goes further. He provides stretching and exercise routines for many of the specific ailments that affect us—from hamstring pulls to sciatica to rotator cuff problems—and, best of all, he offers a series of customized movements based on age, gender, and the kind of work we perform.

A precise and simple toolkit for tweaking the way we move (or refuse to move), Sit Up Straight shows that the solution to becoming pain-free is easier than we think.


“This book could change your life.  Sit Up Straight is full of straight talk about what sitting for hours at a time does to our bodies.  Vinh’s special gift as a globally recognized physical therapist has always been knowing, at a deep level, how the body works.  He may even know your body better than you do…. If you’re always feeling that ache or twinge and don’t know where to even start, Vinh is your guy!”

Kayla Itsines, co-creator of workout app Sweat and named by Time magazine as one of the 30 Most Influential People on the Internet
“I’ve spent years testing myself in endurance events and founding Spartan competitions, which has given me an appreciation of the rare few who know how the body works and can offer tips that will make recovery happen sooner. Vinh Pham is one of those with ‘the knowledge.’ Listen to him.  He’ll save you from pain, and help you push past what you thought were your limits.”  

—Joe De Sena, New York Times bestselling author of Spartan UP! and Executive Producer of NBC’s Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge
“Performing at a high level in the gym—or just getting through life without pain—is about more than just willing yourself to finish.  It’s about understanding how body part A works with body part B. No one knows that better than Vinh.  His book is a roadmap to a life of no limitations.”

—Ron Boss Everline, Entrepreneur and Fitness Trainer
Sit Up Straight offers a lot more than the admonition in the title. (Spoiler alert: Your mom wasn’t wrong.) Its posture-improving exercises show you where you lack mobility and stability, giving you valuable tools to fix the problems you have and prevent the ones you’re at risk of developing.”

Lou Schuler, National Magazine Award-winning journalist, former fitness director at Men’s Health, and author of The New Rules of Lifting

FutureProof Your Body.