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Physical Therapist • Healthcare Entrepreneur • @myodetox Founder • MYO / NST

All you can do is show up. If you don’t, it’s simple, you won’t make it.

Vinh Pham is a licensed physical therapist with over a decade’s experience working with industry-leading health and wellness brands and treating top athletes, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. He is the founder of Myodetox, a group of design-forward manual therapy clinics that are reimagining the traditional therapy and rehab experience. Using his unique system of manual therapy, Vinh posts daily educational videos that help millions of people learn how to take care of their bodies. Vinh is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Follow him on Instagram (@VinnieRehab) and visit his website at Vinnie-Rehab.com.

While we all want to make it big, there is a chance we may fail or fall down along the way. That’s fine, just make sure to welcome the idea with open arms. Trust your struggle.

Through thousands of hours of development, Vinnie’s approach offers a personalized treatment framework that optimizes his clients’ bodies with a fresh approach.

Vinnie started the first lifestyle therapy brand, Myodetox now has 10 locations throughout the US and Canada and is leading today’s conversation on why taking care of your body is essential to your daily life.t

FutureProof Your Body.